Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mason Jar Meals!

As I sit here eating a leftover portion of my favorite breakfast out of a tupperware container, I noticed it was becoming stained/warped.
That's obnoxious, but some things you just have to live with, right?

Maybe not...

While perusing my "Primal Living" Pinterest Board, I saw a pin about Mason Jar Meals, and was intrigued enough to click through to the article. I found an awesome post from the Big Red Kitchen with some great ideas for Mason Jar Meals.

While not all of these ideas are strictly Paleo (and the author notes this up front), there are certainly some great organizational tips and lots of ideas to get started... this is something I want to start doing. 

Some of the benefits include:
1. No more wasting food
2. No more not knowing what to have for dinner
3. No more cooking every night
4. No more blah food
5. No more messy refrigerator
6. No more plastic containers
7. No more unhealthy food- well maybe. Wink.
8. No more coming home from CrossFit ravenous, but too comatose to cook.
9. No more eating out every day for lunch.

1. Dishwasher safe
2. Re-usable
3. Not plastic
4. Clear
5. Stain-proof
6. Make food look delicious
7. Stackable and packable
8. Lids and jars can be purchased separately
9. Help control portions
10. Inexpensive

 Kudos to the Big Red Kitchen for a great post on an alternative to plastic containers.  I can't wait to get started.


  1. very nice...makes for a very pretty refrig! no more "honey, what can i eat?"

    1. Hi MaryAnn!
      That's my favorite part... when food is in opaque plastic/tupperware containers, it is easier to push it aside or overlook it... when it is beautifully displayed in a transparent mason jar - its much more likely to get eaten - and quickly.
      If you have any recommendations for Mason Jar recipes, I'd love to hear them!